Art / File Requirements for Digital Printing

File Formats

Preferred creation programs are Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6. Accepted file formats are .EPS, .PDF, .AI, .TIF, .JPEG, .PNG. We do not accept Quark or InDesign files.

DPI and File Size

Provide all art in full scale, unless it is larger than 220″ (in Adobe Illustrator) or larger than 1.5GB. In this case, it would be appropriate to scale the file down to 50% or even 25% of size. Files should be 200dpi at final size, or 400dpi at 50% of size. Supply layered files whenever possible, however, if you prefer to send flattened files, please send both a layered and flattened version. Preferred flattened image format is .TIF with LZW compression.


ALL FONTS MUST BE OUTLINED. Any fonts not outlined will be lost, and show as Myriad Pro. For in house design work that requires changing type, please include any desired fonts as OTF or TTF files, PC platform.

Linked / Embedded Images

All links should be embedded. Linked images are files that are “placed” or “imported” into your document, but which will (if not provided) drop out. “Embedding the image” permanently makes it a part of the art file. Any linked files need to be provided in a separate folder, and labeled as “links”.

Color Matching

All color matches require a Pantone, or a Pantone Plus color to be called out. RGB and CMYK color builds are not acceptable. Hard copies and print outs or photos can also be used as targets for color matching. All critical color matches need to be specifically called out in the file as well as by email or some other form of written instructions. Colors such as fluorescents, neons and metallics cannot be replicated.

Multiple Panel Projects

When creating multiple panel files, setup as as one image with the exact combined width. Images are tiled at the production level from a single image. Designs provided as multiple files can incur production charges and are not guaranteed to line up precisely. Attempt to have font and logos miss panel splits. Guides at desired split lines are appreciated.


All files should have at least .25″ of bleed provided beyond the live area. Files provided without bleed will be enlarged to cover the needed space. Banner Files should be given .5″ of bleed.

Vector Art

Vector artwork, or “line art” is used to create logos and illustrations that are able to be scaled to any size without losing print quality. Vector files are also used for any kind of routing or cutting.

Raster Images or “Bitmaps”

Raster images are made up of tiny building blocks called “pixels”. Digital photos are made up of pixels. Enlargement of Raster images is dependent on the original size that the file was created. Increasing the resolution of an image will not make it “high-res” if there were not enough pixels to begin with.